Caliber Homes: Since 1998

Caliber Homes began in Portland’s eastside neighborhoods in 1998, remodeling homes that some thought were beyond restoration. Projects included the stunning Costello House in Irvington, restored from a torn up shell to the beauty of it’s past.  After the completion, the restored home was placed on the National Register of Historic Homes.

Working with the goals of the City of Portland to create an even more vibrant, sustainable city by increasing density in the city’s neighborhoods, Caliber Homes transitioned into building new single family homes that were financially attainable for the young innovators, professionals, and families that want to make Portland home. 

Now, Caliber Homes is a family business building mid-range priced townhouse-style condominiums in the hottest Portland neighborhoods, and making those neighborhoods accessible to people who want to own homes in the most exciting neighborhoods the city offers. These are the neighborhoods that make Portland… Portland.  

Builder Steve Melkerson has been honored by the Portland conservationists for saving a rare tree on the Caliber Homes Paradox 50 development in southeast Portland. After adapting development plans to accommodate preserving the tree, Melkerson and conservationists applied to have the tree preserved as a City of Portland Heritage Tree.  

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