Caliber Homes Homeowner Service Warranty

Service procedure: Here’s what you do

We are proud of the homes that we build, and want you to be happy with yours for the long run. We provide a one year limited warranty to follow up on some of the things that routinely may occur in your new home over the first year or so of occupancy. Please refer to the homeowner’s packet provided to you at the time of your purchase for instructions on this process.

At the end of your first year in your home, send us a list of any items due for repair or replacement under this warranty agreement, and we will follow up with our contractors. Although you may request service for any warrantied item within the first year if you choose, we recommend that you wait until the one year period is complete, so that everything that needs attention can be taken care of in that service call.  However, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to your first year of occupancy if there is a more urgent issue. 

Note: If delay will cause extra damage (e.g., if a pipe has burst), call Caliber Homes or the appropriate sub-contractor on the list enclosed in your packet.  It is your responsibility to minimize damage caused by such incidents as leaking pipes. 

We appreciate your purchase and are here to help with your questions and service needs.  Enjoy your new home!

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